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Views on Training Needed


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I'm interested in your views on the current training you receive including areas like how satisified you are with the training you receive for various skills, the scenarios you are and aren't able to practice as much as you'd like to etc. The reason I'd like to understand your views and opinions on what works well and what doesn't, is I'm working on a project where we'd like to understand the current state from firefighters themselves with a view to improving this in the future.

If you'd like to share your views and opinions please use the following link Firefighter Training Survey

Please note, this post has been approved by Carl

Thank you very much for your time.


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Hi Rachel 😊 would you mind adding context ? Are you a firefighter? Who are you representing and where is this information going ? 

thank you 🤩

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Hi Dyson, of course. I'm not a firefighter, I work as a researcher for Capita and am working on a project looking to improve training for firefighters in the future - all the information gathered will be only be used anonymously for the project; we do not ask for your name, and although there is the option to be contacted to speak in more detail this is entirely voluntary. 

I hope that helps  😊

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