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Non Standard Construction Homes


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Hi all,

Over stand easy while watching homes under the hammer (standard stand easy watching!) They were flogging a non standard construction steel framed home. Being a non home owner and never having come across this, I wonder if there are any operational considerations for buildings like this? Thinking along the lines of quicker collapse due to the frame being compromised sooner. 

I know that LFB have recently released a training package on fires in modern methods of construction (which are in effect non standard) so could this be a training gap? I know it would be hard to keep a track of these from a ops readiness and 72d perspective, but would there be any tell tale signs of these constructions from the outside or any register that would be accessible for crews to familiarise themselves with?

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I am not sure how you would know if you were dealing with a steel framed house until it collapsed to be honest. There was a lot built after the war so asbestos may still be an issue and that might be as much of a problem than a collapse 

All of the steel structural parts should and probably would be covered in plasterboard or similar which would give some protection to the frame.

Frankly, I think heavy loft extensions perched on steel joists that are sitting on old breeze block walls in 1930s homes are a bigger risk. There 1000s in London alone.

When I did mine, the LA building inspector called a bit early. He saw I had cut my plasterboard to fit around my steel joists, but they were not yet fitted. That was enough to get it signed off!! I could have easily carried on without any fire resisting to this important structural componant 

I would be interested to hear what experiences others have had

I dont suppose the LFB will be making this video publicly available... it might be useful for DIYers and the building trade too??

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Many thanks Messy I knew you'd be the one to reply!

I wonder if there is a way of checking which areas these buildings were built in just to get an idea of the neighbourhoods where they are likely. Could be just a consideration when tipping out to a house fire in certain areas

If I'm honest, the presentation wasn't very useful in terms of practical firefighting response to new building constructions, mainly because it just clarified that unless you visit the building while it's being built you probably won't realise its a modern method. It just reaffirms the new mentality of expect and plan for the worst case scenario, best bet is you don't need the resources, worst is it does go Pete tongue but you have the resources in place (e.g. Poplar Fire a few weeks back)

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I really don't know how much of a risk they pose to crews compared with loft extensions and pre made roof trusses.

I had a small part to play in the video about trusses. I wonder if its still shown as the risk of sudden roof collapses are very real 

In addition, I have posted a photo of a street in the London suburbs. Question, which of these 4 x houses has a steel frame???




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"Eco Trus" will become a big problem in the future.

Existing truss roofs have much of the timber removed and replaced by small dimension pressed steel sections with OSB sheets as overlay.....



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