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BAi Course - FSC Moreton


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Afternoon all - Has anyone done the BA instructors course at Moreton in the last few years? Im signed up for the course soon and wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect and what I should be brushing up on before going?

Thanks 👍 

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I did it 9 years ago. It was a home office course then. Absolutely fantastic course. It’s a very challenging course, the most challenging one physically. You only really need to brush up on general national guidance stuff, the theory syllabus is generic because parole come from all Brigades. They will expect you to be decent and hot with your basic stuff, don and starts, door entry, hose management, directional, compartment clearance etc. Some if the exercises you will do are just so valuable, shopping centre, ship, high rise etc. On the 1st Tuesday they used to do an exercise called varied conditions, I’m not sure why they do it but enjoy that 😳😂. The sets were bodyguard not sure if that’s still the case. I loved it, and your FBTI course will be even better.  Have fun 😊

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Have to agree with the others, its a great course. Aside from the physical aspects, a major part of the course is the planning and delivering of a BA training exercise.

Best part of all Moreton courses though is meeting, working and socialising with colleagues from across the country.:)

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Thanks for the info everyone - unfortunately I’ve had to drop out of the course due to child care issues and a colleague will be going instead of me. Hopefully I’ll get another opportunity in the future but thanks again for the tips

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