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Fire Safety Advisor Role


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I have recently become aware of the role of a LFB Fire Safety Advisor

LFB Fire Safety Advisor

Its appears to be the same or almost identical to the former Inspecting Officer role I once did. To be fair, we had 'civvies' doing the role then, but I wondered if this newly badged role was different in that is the LFBs intention to get rid of uniformed posts and replace them with FSA roles?

The financial advantage is clear. With the job paying a pitiful £30.5k against the Sub O and Stn O pay of £43 & £48k respectively but is it an real gain?

It would be a pity if uniform roles were lost as to lose that ops experience from a team and a CPD opportunity for uniform staff that I enjoyed and benefited from would be regrettable 

It not as if retired staff can apply as the draconian pension abatement rules prevent that. And at such a crap salary,  staff retention will be a nightmare as with some experience under your belt, salaries exceeding £1000 a month extra are easily doable in the real world, so who would stay? Perhaps just the unemployable?

Plus this site is full of brave people battling to get into the fire service. Will some see this as a foot in the door and hop into an ops role ASAP creating another vacancy

Resilience and experience is important in a FS Dept. I did 7 years but most did much more time. Lets hope I am wrong and at a time when regulatory  FS has never been so prominent or vital, the LFB aren't diluting capability rather than building it 


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Replicated across most services to be honest @Messyshaw yes it’s easier and cheaper to employ green book, I wouldn’t generally call 30k pitiful though, but I do understand that being qualified in that arena can maybe command a greater wage in industry, and internally we pay more. As for pension Impact I’m not sure-  depends what you want to earn in retirement I suppose. We have a number of returning personel in fire safety, keeping their hands in so to speak, in an environment they are familiar with. 
It’s not my bag but as you for many it’s a great part of their career. For us internally there is a carrot that the fires safety day work attracts a higher wage and 10% , guess what for  those nearer retirement it’s attractive...I wonder why 😲I think the advisor role is pegged at LF (old school) or crew commander level, it ‘s the inspector role that’s aligned higher (sub o) .

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