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Heathrow Airport


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Never was one but I've done an aviation bridging course when I was looking seriously at the airports (ticket now expired) and met plenty of AFFRS peeps. 

Heathrow furloughed quite a large number of their fire staff I gather. Not happy times to be in aviation.


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Its been a number of years since I stopped applying for airports obviously but Gatwick and Heathrow were the only ones that were near NJC pay rates. It was around the 31k mark and that was a good three or four years ago when I last spoke to someone there.

It was incremental depending on qualifications (EFAD, Emergency First Aid etc.) but was decent for the time. The main boost was apparently abundant overtime with some folks being able to touch 40k.

This is more consistent hearsay than concrete numbers however. I'd be intrigued to know what its like now.

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Yeah I’m sure the last time any of the London airports where recruiting the salary was starting about £31-35k a year for Firefighter position.

What you want is a serco position in Dubai/ Middle East for £70g a year in the sun 😂, tax free

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