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Canary Wharf Fire - May 2021


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How the developer can say that the cladding played no part in the spread of the fire is baffling. In the various video clips the fire can be clearly seen spreading upwards and looking at the post fire photos in this BBC report the facade above and edging around the balconies have either burnt or melted.😠

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Sorry to be political here, but the Govt have been caught napping on this subject.

Coming up to 4 years after Grenfell and the controversial Fire Safety Bill has just received Royal Assent. It will make a difference moving forward as it improves definitions and responsibilities which were slightly vague in current legislation.

But it is recognised that the Bill is part 1 of more legislation to come- God knows when- another 4 years maybe 

Grenfell has unearthed massive incompetence at all levels in fire safety and building control. The demand for housing, the urgency of using green technology (insulation) and the greed  to make a bloody fortune at any cost have caused massive problems, death and unmeasurable hardship for millions

I was reading that residents who are bankrupted by the massive costs of repairs include people who are thrown off professional registers due to their bankruptcy.  So they can't sell their flat, can't repair it and have no income.

Its clear that the disjointed and disperate voices of 1000s of victims cannot be heard against the noise of the lobbying and Tory financial support by insulation companies and developers

To be fair, Boris has shown considerable interest in the materials used to cover the walls of flats - or specially the flat at No 11 with £700 wallpaper - but predictable the promises made by Theresa May as she stood outside a smouldering Grenfell are just more material thrown on the bonfire of lies and broken promises by this corrupt government 😡

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From an operational point of view, it was massively resourced from the start of the incident and the fire was fortunately within easy reach of standard height aerial appliances. 

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From what I can see it doesn’t really seem that the cladding was really that involved? It was a nice day so one can assume that windows were open enabling spread to the two flats directly above the fire?

To clarify, from them photos there doesn’t seem to be any fire damage in any other places you wouldnt expect it to be.

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I had the fortune of being able to “observe” some of the drone footage whilst this was happening, for various reasons, and would tend to concur with @LFB92.

Although I don’t want to be an armchair critic from afar.

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Ok.... didn’t think I needed to spell this out 😊 there is an uncontrolled fire in a building clad with combustible materials spreading from floor to floor vertically, the building fire safety systems have failed. Compartmentation is breached. For whatever reason yet to to be clarified. 

We (the fire service globally) have learned the hard way that this type of fire can develop rapidly in every direction and these fires, as we all know, have claimed dozens of lives. 

So yes they went big, and early, resulting is dozens of successful rescues and the fire being contained early doors. Yes quire correctly (100%) a major incident was declared. Look up JESIP triggers for major incident.

So hey we could celebrate an awesome job done by the LFB. Or we can sit and snipe from arm chairs. You do what you feel is right and honourable. Peace out ❤️

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@Dyson You beat me to it, I totally agree with the declaration of Major incident and the reasons why. Not to mention there were 15 FSG’s and a mass evacuation with the Policy stating that a Major Incident must be declared in the event of a mass evac.

Historic training on Major Incident has not moved with the times in LFB and we find ourselves in a position where the current policy is no longer for purpose. The new policy has been written by my department and the associated training to go with it is currently being designed and will hopefully be rolled out across the organisation toward the end of June.

This will give staff at all level’s are better understanding of when to declare a major incident, and also what actually happens when one is declared as those on the trucks, rarely understand it to be anything more than the associated PDA, as I found out when holding a focus group of level 1 IC’s on this very subject.

That though, is no detriment to the level 1’s, its an organisational ‘drop of the ball’ per sé, something we should put right with this new policy and training.

@LFB92 If you give your understanding of what a Major Incident is for you, i’d be happy to explain it a different way if you like, give you an idea of what is coming?

1 minute ago, LFB92 said:

All received. I’ll return to my rightful state as a bag of sand and ask no more questions!

Ask questions, this is the benefit of a forum like this!!

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@Aspirethanks for the info, I wasn’t aware of the mass evac = major incident. 

We all benefit from hindsight and there is a few of us who were not sure why a major incident was declared, officers included. 


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Hi all , @Dysonmy comment was an absolute agreement with LFB and its tactics on this one, I have nothing to criticise, my comment was purely that there is far too much of that by many from afar, without a true understanding of all the facts, and from what I saw it looked a successful outcome, with lots going on.

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