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USAR 2 Course in Merseyside

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Hi anybody on hear a USAR tech? If so any good info about the USAR 2 course in Merseyside. I’m going up there in May. Got all the JI’s etc. Just after some helpful hints and stuff from people’s experiences there. Cheers 

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Hi, the course will usually follow the same kind of format.

Intro/tool fam/knowledge check. Then two days breaking and breaching, two days lifting and moving, two days tech search and two days shoring. Final knowledge check and final exercise. The disciplines could be in any order through the course depending on what the instructors have planned/set up. 

Have a read up on “classes of lever”. Have a read up on mechanical advantage created through rope systems. Look at mapping and planning of a search area and the “REPEAT” methodology to solving a USAR incident. Look at cribbing, Tspots, two post horizontal and vertical, sloping floor shore (perpendicular and friction) with paratech. Think about the process of B&B, detection of rebar, marking out, coring, gas sampling, efficient cutting of concrete, clean and dirty breach, step cut. 

I did my course a long time ago so apologies if I’m off the mark. The people I’ve sent recently got JI’s from NR which gave access to the NR training files, obviously a good place to start. 

Ive hopefully given food for thought. Good luck and enjoy. Don’t become one of the “even firefighters need hero’s” kind of people. This is the main reason for others not utilising valuable assets and skill sets like those you’re about to gain/refresh on. Every “vehicle into a structure” could use USAR skills. Every “bariatric job” could utilise the shoring and lifting and moving techniques and so on and on. They may be in the simplest form but others may not consider the knowledge, equipment and training that you will undoubtedly have. (I’ll get off my soapbox now). 

Have a great time 👍🏻

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That’s brilliant thank you. 
I’ve done loads of study notes from the USAR lessons on the NRAT site, so I’ll go through them. 
I don’t intend to be one of them, I just want to develop myself as much as possible, learning skills, gaining experience, maybe one day even pass on my knowledge. Appreciated. 

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