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I’ve recently received my conditional offer of employment and since the gyms are finally opening up next week I am stepping up training to prepare for June Intake. Just wondering if it’s worth buying a used 70mm fire hose off of eBay and if so if anyone has any specific training techniques that would benefit myself using a hose reel? 

Thanks in advance

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Not worth it in my opinion, that’s what training school is for ! you’ll get plenty of practise. If you really want to practise, try your local station, most will oblige I’m sure.

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Just train all over fitness, strength and cardio. If you really want to simulate it use a 15kg dumbell/weight to imitate at 70mm hose

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I'm starting my 18 weeks of training next month. My general fitness is no where near where it needs to be unfortunately. Strength isn't an issue, it's more cardio and endurance. I don't have much time to greatly improve on that between now and then but i'm road running now as much as I can, along with gym work. My question is, how much isolated running or specific fitness sessions actually take place throughout training? Or is it more hose running and ladders etc. throughout the course they use to challenge that end of things?

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It varies a lot. Some services still run them in the old school fashion and will do a few runs in gym clothes (like a 5k) in the first few weeks but I think that's fading. You will mostly be doing short jogs and running out hose and ladders. So lots of stop start cardio, carrying things and you wont be able to "run" particularly well in PPE.

All that said, I wouldn't recommend training this way. Keep doing what you're doing building your aerobic base. It's more about time spent at 60-70 percent of your max heart rate than intensity that matters. It's boring but it can be any sort of cardio as long as it's consistent for 20-60 minutes or so. And more importantly, you'll recover from it. 

I know " HIIT firefighter fitness" challenges are all over social media but they will also tax your recovery without actually making you that much fitter. I spent most of my twenties doing that sort of thing and wondered why I still got smoked by everyone on the bleep test.

Go steady and consistent and turn up on your first day fresh and willing 👍

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