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Water Rescue Stations

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Was wondering if there is anybody else on here who works at a water rescue station.

Seems our water rescue training has increased a fair bit... which isn’t a bad thing... with trialing new bits of equipment here and there and now with DEFRA being updated and Mod 1-5, RYA courses,

Just wondering what it’s like on other water rescue stations.. how often you train ,are your boats on a trailer or like our one which is inflatable and in the back of a van.(currently awaiting replacement somewhere down the line)

And anywhere you have trained that has been half decent? .

Outreach down in wales seems to be the place for courses but local waterways is where the training is needed. We have been to the usual Nene and Stockton on Tees, I missed out on Cardiff which was apparently the place to go, but think the brigade got annoyed as it was treat like a weekend away

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