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BA Training Scenario Drills


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I’m looking for some experience and inspiration really. 

I’m 2 and a bit years in... been asked if I want to start putting together some of the drills for my development. 

I don’t want to do the generic search the fire house (that everyone knows) for a couple of dummies. But at the same time don’t want something outlandish and irrelevant. 

Some of the retired guys used to come out with the odd gem here and there... I’m hoping I can pick some brains and maybe cobble together something a little different. 


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14 hours ago, BurtMacklin said:

Second set procedure is always a good one.

Sorry if I’m being simple... what do you mean by second set procedure?

9 hours ago, CaptainFlack said:

If you're at a 2 pump station, I've got a good one for you

I am... 2 pumps 2 specials. Hit me with it... please... and thanks!

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Have a look at your competencies on station and see what needs refreshing. Being fun and different is one part, being relevant is the other. You might have another competency that you can meet with it, something like a marine. The station is the ship do the embarkation side, then BA search in the "ship".

Some of the best drills I have done are simple ones. Its easy to get complicated (above can get complicated if you try to do to much). Keep it simple, keep it clear and know the objective. 

A popular one with us is rapid deployment drills or donning on route. One pump does a lap of the area then pulls into the station and gets to work at a persons reported fire with a reduced crew (can be done with a full crew if you want to slicken crews). Best bit, it can be done a number of times in a session to cycle the crews as once the BA team enter the property its end of drill. 

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Second set procedure, is in a nut shell an emergency team taking a second BA set in with them to assist a team in distress, there are three variants, depending on the situation, with mask replacement being the most difficult. 

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Simple one. Managing charged jets. In BA or not, around buildings, inside etc. 

Personally I think we get too much muscle memory in place for using hosereels. Totally valid but if you're inside with a jet, moving that thing around is a totally different ball game and I don't think it gets practiced enough.

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Rapid deployment with just 4 people is good to practice, we recently did some really quick drills with brief being something like persons reported and no search pattern given. 

Rolling the main delivery is something I've only recently practiced and working with teams or 3 or 4.

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Interestingly,  rapid deployment should be specifically briefed, due to its limited staffing levels, so  a search pattern should be briefed(and documented).Sorry persons reported no brief isnt good enough,(I wouldn't encourage that as a drill as it shouldnt happen operationally ) any OIC would get ripped up in court for that one.

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