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Tokyo Fire Dept


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Recently whilst trying to get my youngest back to sleep at 2am i came across this video


I have to admit i was pretty impressed with how a shift runs there, literally not a minute is wasted and was interesting to see how their culture plays a factor in the job. And of anyone does know whats the wheeled trailer for at 5:13 

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How amazing, I literally watched that last night too. Yeah I've always followed how Tokyo does stuff, amazing gear, amazing how they do stuff, robots and all lol

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The trailer at 5:13 I'm pretty sure contains their delivery hose. I believe their tactic is to park the first pump in attendance right next to a hydrant and hook up using a hard suction hose which you can see in that same frame coiled up inside the locker. They then take this trailer with the delivery hose plugged in and wheel it straight to the fire location. I'm not an expert but I'm 90% sure that's the case.

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Smirking through the whole thing imagining a mate or two from my station going there for a day and it basically being like fire service Karl Pilkington idiot abroad 🤣. Part of me thinks "b*ollocks they can't be that intense every day", but then I remembered, it is Japan. 

Another service around the world that also has BA teams of three interestingly. 

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Yeah so many other countries have 3 BA unlike here lol, it is interesting and I can imagine knowing how they do things, could be that intense all day lol

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On 31/03/2021 at 16:15, BurtMacklin said:

those cones are a bit fancy! 

What do expect from a country that invented origami 🤔

After seeing all that difference in their working lfestyle and kit, I too was suprised how much the traffic cone impressed me!!


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I lived in Japan for many years and can say hand on heart that they have a 'do a die' mentality with every action. Even the street sweepers / bin collectors would have military precision and would bow to everyone that walked past. 

I really loved my time there it must be said. 

The number of earthquakes they have is staggering and probably far more than most people from Europe would guess. You literally have an alarm that goes off on your phone shouting 'JISHIN DESU!!!' (EARTHQUAKE!!!) and then a few seconds later all hell breaks loose. 

It's no wonder the emergency services are top notch over there. I saw them in action when I was caught in an extremely severe earthquake in the north and was so touched and impressed by how things were handled.

On another note here is a video about the 'Hyper Rescue Squad' and how they handled the Fukushima incident :

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