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Delivery Hose Tests


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In Oxfordshire the hose doesn't get tested by workshops, this is done by crews on station annually and involves a visual inspection of the usual bits and then a wet pressure test with one length at a time holding 10 bar for a minute. Any serious physical defects or leaks the hose gets sent off to workshops for repair. 

Can't help you with the British standards I'm afraid!

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thought it was 15bar, though services may vary I guess, as 10bar is an operational pressure, the point is to stress it to force any impending failure to identify itself in a controlled environment. 

oh and frequency is on acceptance at station I doubt they are filling them with water at hose and line workshops, maybe air? 

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Can’t remember frequency, might be 6 monthly, 10 bar 1 minute, and as @BurtMacklinon acceptance. Generally if we’ve had a big job all the hose gets taken off and tested anyway., someone always likes to sneak their dodgy length for yours !

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LFB testing (from FFD Training note HH002)

On acceptance, after use and yearly.

Visual check for defects, followed by pressure test up to 15 bar for 1 minute, then reduced to 7 bar to visually check for leaks.

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Brilliant - thanks to all.

That takes me back. I was at a station with a tiny drill yard, so we tested our hose in the street.

When we found leaks bursts, it often involved spraying locals or their possessions in water. Community engagement even before the term was invented ;) 

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5 hours ago, JonnyHolbs said:

@Becile nothing worse than being snuck a dodgy length!

Doesnt happen in West Mids, all lengths are marked up with the station they belong to

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Ours are still marked but no longer used like that. Some even have closed station callsigns on! We just have to re do an inventory when we get back from a job

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Its really helpful after a big job when you go to the station it was all taken to and dont have to waste time trying to figure out which wet stinking muddy pile of unrolled hose is yours, average at the last job i went to was 13 lengths of 64, including the flats pack hose

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