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Having an Accident While Driving an Appliance


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Hi and thank you for letting me join your group.

I have recently clipped a appliance mirror while processing to a incident (in a narrow lane) resulting in part of the mirror breaking.

I have been asked to fill out a accident report, and include my driving license details.

I’m sure this question has been asked before? will this now affect my own insurance, when they ask me if I have had any previous accidents.

Many thanks


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Welcome along Dave. 

The short answer is yes, if you tell them. 🤨

You are required to tell them of the accident, if not now, on renewal when the questions is asked. However, I doubt very much many people do tell them for the reasons stated. 

I doubt a wing mirror clip will change much, but I am no expert. 

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It seems unreal that your own insurance can be affected, when you put your self up for driving, the extra responsibility (with no extra pay)

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Some Brigades have little known policies where you can apply for any addition to your premium as a result of a claim due to Brigade business, be covered by the service.

Naturally, there are likely to be t&c’s, but I know it exists in London so I’d check wherever you are.

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12 hours ago, Dave01736 said:

It seems unreal that your own insurance can be affected, when you put your self up for driving, the extra responsibility (with no extra pay)

if you have a crash and end up with points on your license. It's 100% your license that is affected. 

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Most off our incidents are involving hedges as we are a rural brigade and have many tight lanes. I understand if you had a RTC with another vehicle and you where found at fault, yes that would affect your own license.

I’m just wondering if any other brigades have a policy like LFB.

I can’t be the only driver who is asking these questions 

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I wouldn’t put the DL details on the form.

The service will already have your details, HR, Driving School etc.

I wouldn’t add anything else other than the incident details to the form.

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Having dealt with insurance companies extensively when in the job and a little since I have left, be warned; If these slippery barstewards find a reason not to pay out, they won't .

This most definitely includes anything that they consider fraud - i.e. if you fail to declare an accident - even at work.

Its a gamble - but be mindful that insurance companies have huge shared databases now - so be careful

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I can attest to Messys statement above. Having previously worked for a claims company, insurance companies will put in more work and money than it is to pay out just to find a way not to pay. Not declaring am accident is a common way to void a policy 

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