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Whilst updating the downloads section of the forum, I came across the old recruitment diaries and was pretty impressed that the 3 firefighters that produced them, went to so much trouble at the time. I also wondered what they were now up to, as several years have now passed. 

  • Steve Behan joined London Fire Brigade in 2004 and wrote 51 pages in his diary
  • Annette Carrington joined West Mids in 2005 and wrote 37 pages in her diary
  • Michael Lovegrove joined Royal Berkshire in 2009 and wrote 29 pages in his diary

If anyone comes across them, please remind them that they are still talked about, and their diaries and the forum still exists. Having had a quick search looks like they are all still in the job. :) 

Not sure it would every happen, but it would be fantastic if they joined and updated us all on their success and careers in years gone by. 


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Annette is now white lidded up in a department, she does alot of her resillience shifts with my watch ( i drove her to a car fire on sunday ) so i will let her know

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I see Steve every now and again as we’re on the Greens at neighbouring stations in the Western Command. I’ll mention it to him.

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It's good to hear they are still alive and kicking as the saying goes. Im sure their diaries have assisted or even inspired many along the way. 

Thanks for the responses so far, much appreciated. ;)

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The blogs may offer you some similar experiences. Those who have promised to do them and have delivered have worked hard and produced some good accounts of their training and journey through recruitment. 

Sadly, many others have promised to complete a blog to help others, but sadly not delivered once they have got in the service. :(

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