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High Risk - Low Frequency

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I completed a course recently in which the video below was shown to demonstrate the reasons why some incidents can go wrong. 

Well worth a watch. 


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I got to see Mr Graham present at a conference in 2002.  I found my old Trip Report notes...

"Protecting Your “Ass”ets – Gordon Graham, Captain, California Highway Patrol


A very dynamic speaker with an unusual delivery (lots of sound effects).  Through many real life examples he illustrated what happened to organizations that did and did not manage their risk.  He is a veteran of the CHP and implemented a strategy for them to reduce legal suits by having the supervisors write cheques on scene of a problem for which the CHP were responsible.  They reduced financial liability and have increased their pubic opinion.  An example; they wrote a cheques to a guy they accidentally shot.  The CHP had a fugitive trapped in a trailer park who opened fire, the CHP returned fire.  A genius neighbor (who lived immediately behind) came out to looky-lou and got shot by the CHP in the process.  The CHP wrote a cheque on the spot.

Not a great synopsis in hindsight.  IIRC, he reviewed the above Risk Management perspective and had a good section on hire the right people.  I also liked his “daily training bulletin” (DTB) concept and implemented it here for those small things that need a quick five minute refresher but not a dedicated training session (often using modified weekly drills).

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