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Hampshire LRP (Light Rescue Pump)


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@BRV To be honest, not a lot. Slightly smaller cutters/spreaders. A bit less hose, 1x80m 22mm hose reel rather than two 60m. It has two medium and a small branch rather than the small medium and large carried on the P7 rescue pumps. 10.5m ladder instead of 135 & 10.5 found on P7. Our P7's also have Tirfor and larger suction. I'm back in Sunday so if you like I can give you a proper low down (if you're interested). 1300L Tank, no CAFS. P7 has 1500L tank with CAFS. It's actually turned out to be a really good truck and it's rapid and we ride it with 4.

@CaptainFlack These are now standard on all new trucks and everyone's like, why didn't we have this earlier? haha.

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It looks the part that’s for sure. If you get chance a good look around and what is stowed where would be of interest.

Do you know if they are the same fit out as the WSFRS mini pumps?

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@BRV I'll try and sort something out Sunday for you.

No, they are bespoke to Hampshire (although I'm sure similar) - We had a previous version of these on trial that were called IC (Intermediate capability) and put on the run and then stations were asked to give feedback and design them as they saw most useful on the run. We currently have a fleet of water tenders, water tender ladders and rescue pumps. The idea is to phase this into rescue pumps and light rescue pumps with the LRP's essentially replacing WrT's and WrL's.

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Seems pretty nifty and neat. I like the design but I'm wondering, what are advantages? I can't imagine Portsmouth and Southampton have that many small back streets that negate a smaller appliance. Is there a considerable cost saving?

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@Jet Portsmouth is particularly bad however it's like that for cars let alone trucks so I don't see that the LRP's will make a huge difference there - although, it was certainly one of the selling points I believe. They are definitely easier to navigate around the city though - they get moving better, much more responsive to drive (in my opinion).

With regards to cost, I can't remember but there is a fair saving. I'm sure our P7's are close to £250k and these are a fair bit cheaper.

Maybe I could do a comparison of equipment etc when I'm back in to give you a better idea. We're lucky as we have a brand new RP and LRP at our station so it gives a good overview of where the services heads are at going forward.


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I can't see how they would be a fair bit cheaper unless a supplier was doing a deal to get the contract. In general once you move away from the "standard" model it will cost more. From what has been detailed so far and the pictures above, it would appear that they are a slightly smaller version of a WRL My only concern would be the reduction in tank capacity.

In current times when you hear the terms light pumps, the normal expectation is either a van conversation or something running with two or three of a crew which is never good. With these appliances which appear to have been designed to suit the geography of the area I won't have a problem.

@HB2016 if they seem more responsive to drive, this could be down to them being new or how somebody has plugged in the laptop and set up the engine mapping. Big brother has really taken over here, somebody in Volvo HQ in Gothenberg can probably change that with a click of the mouse, whereas before a good mechanic would have to get the spanners and screwdrivers out to do this.

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@KeithI'm not sure to be honest in terms of cost - I'll see if I can find out. They're definitely better equipped than a traditional WrL/WrT. I think it's just because it's lighter and a smaller chassis to be honest Keith, it has it's downsides like the safety aids which remain even under blues such as the taking away all of the power mid roundabout because it thinks you'll crash or the collision avoidance etc...

The water capacity isn't a huge issue for us as we're a city station and on WDS stations they are only on two pump stations. No RDS have them yet so we'll have to see how that plays out although 1500 on a P7 to 1300 on a P6.

@WTTJ No specific place for drivers kit, this has been raised and is being looked into currently I believe... 3 seats in the back and 3 BA sets, none of our pumps (including our new design P7's) have storage - we bag and put it in the pump bay or lockers currently...

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I think it’s really interesting how uk frs eb and flow with appliance design etc.

Having been involved in the CAFS world when it first started taking off in the uk, and other vehicle projects, and subsequent reduction in tank size ,bigger crew cabs,class A and B foam tanks, cafs 31mm hose reel,  Uhps, cobra, fog nail, clean cab, double kit, 135 ladders, 10.5 ladders, rapid response vehicles. Small pumps, large pumps..I could go on. All of which have their place and good/not so good points.

Currently our AT appliance tanks are at 4500litres , pumps that are higher rated than ever before,150mm hard suction, 4 riders, no CAFS,(internal foam induction and nozzle aspiration) 22mm hose reel , looks likes uhps will come off, 10.5 ladders, no BA in cab, double fire kit stowage. Battery hydraulic RTC equipment. PPV fans , ligh(ter) portable pump. More of these due this year !

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On 20/02/2021 at 19:11, HB2016 said:

No specific place for drivers kit, this has been raised and is being looked into currently I believe... 3 seats in the back and 3 BA sets, none of our pumps (including our new design P7's) have storage - we bag and put it in the pump bay or lockers currently...

None of our existing appliances have dirty kit stowage, we too just bag it and bung it in the pump bay. However our new appliances arriving this year do have stowage for dirty kit (at least I'm told they do). Given the amount of research into this recently, it should be a priority on all new appliances that carry BA

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Thanks for taking the time to post the photos and a description of the new appliances HB2016. It is always interesting to see what other services are doing and how they are doing it.

I look forward to seeing the videos too.

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On 23/02/2021 at 14:18, HB2016 said:

@BRV I've done a couple of videos - one of our RP and one of the LRP. I just need to figure out where I can upload them to paste them here.

Did you manage to find a place to upload them?


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@BRV Hi mate, yes I've uploaded them via my Google Drive, hopefully it works! I appreciate they are a bit pants, I'm no videographer and it was mainly to get the labels etc so you could flick through and see what's there. If there is anything you want to know specifically let me know and I can go into more detail.

I've done both trucks for comparison

P7 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yymr-JNDDPTw5d0rt1G19tmr019R-C4Q/view?usp=sharing

P6 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m6MjLahgbaEBIvfYNOA7daDAyW_kr55o/view?usp=sharing


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This should be a thing on here. "Rate my pump" - everyone upload a video of their machine. WT, RDS, ARFF.  Be interesting to see what equipment other services have and others that don't, where it's put in the lockers etc and compare throughout the country.

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