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Cleaning your Helmet

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No pun intended by the topic headline, 😀but I’m looking for different things people use to remove all the things that gather on our lids, standard soap and water and the occasional brasso is one that I’ve heard but just putting the question out there incase their is any other little tricks or substances that people are aware of?

Cheers 👍

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Following training school and the sticker with you name on, I may have had to resort to petrol from the pump locker to get the stickiness off.

After all, no one likes a sticky helmet.....

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I was told never use anything more than soap and water. Anything else damages the protective lacquer. It might not look as clean as new but at least the nasty contaminants will be gone. Inside and out. 

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We have the Rosenbauer Titan helmets, I dismantle it fully and clean with Chemgene (Same as we use on BA masks and sets). Much better than my Gallet F1SF, never felt I could clean that properly.  

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