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Fireground Notebooks

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Jumping on the equipment bandwagon here and looking to get some reviews and opinions.

What notebooks/ system do people use and keep in their tunics for operational notes or aide memories whilst out on the fireground?

Just standard small notepads or waterproof pads or laminated sheets etc?


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I use the "write in the rain" range of pens and pads. Cost a bit more but on a dark wet night when its lashing it down, its a lot easier to be able to write details without it all ending up a mess in your pocket. Paid for themselves in my opinion. ;)

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I use waterproof notepads from Limitless Equipment- one sits in my trouser pocket for general use, and I keep one in one of these notepad cases along with a couple of mechanical pencils for message formulation outside of the truck when I’m driving.

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I’ve recently ditched pen and paper for my scene notes and now use a Samsung Tab Active 2.  Waterproof, drop proof, battery lasts ages and it’s easy to use. 

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22 hours ago, Becile said:

@NoddyI cant seem to find that one in our stores catalogue, for some reason..lol although pens and paper notebooks still there

😂 not in ours either mate but sometimes I end up putting my hands in my own pockets if it’s worth it.... and this is 👍

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Suppose it may be a generational thing but recently ive found myself typing up messages on my phone, find it faster that writing longhand and considering my handwriting can be atrocious makes sure the messages can be clearly read

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I also carry a dictaphone for decision logging, how many carry those. I know its slightly off topic but it has helped me capture notes on the fly and just type them up later should I need to.

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