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Queens Jubilee Medal Ribbons

Queens Jubilee Medal Ribbons  

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  1. 1. Which Medal Ribbon will you require in 2022

    • Single Platinum
    • Diamond - Platinum
    • Golden - Diamond - Platinum
    • Diamond - Platinum - 20yr LS Ribbon
    • Golden - Diamond - Platinum - 20yr LS Ribbon

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We have received an email within service indicating those who are eligible for the Queens Platinum Medal next year. 

In a bid to try and gauge which will be the most common in terms of the Ribbon Bars, please use the poll. 

No need to reply or comment if you are one of the individuals who won't be accepting it for whatever reason. 

We know its 12 months off, but we aim to be prepared, so we can have them within the store :)

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Carl, not having a military background or ever having had the ribbon bars criteria explained properly would you mind explaining the criteria for each of the options in the poll please?

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The criteria for each medal is that you have to have completed a certain amount of continual uniformed service ( usually 5 years ) before becoming eligible

  • Platinum - 5 years as of Feb 2022 
  • Diamond - 5 years as of Feb 2012
  • Golden - 5 years as of Feb 2002
  • 20 years Long service - self explanatory

I know of people that have missed out of jubilee medals by a few weeks however

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Criteria in full

  • Been in paid service, retained or in a voluntary capacity, dealing with emergencies as part of your conditions of service, and will have completed 5 full calendar years of service on 6 February 2022.  
  • All emergency service personnel in the Fire and Rescue Service who are in paid service on Sunday 6 February 2022, and have completed five full calendar years’ service, and were properly attested on or prior to Tuesday 7 February 2017. The total of five years’ qualifying service may be aggregated, but unpaid or broken service will not count. There is, however, no limit on the amount of unpaid or broken service provided that the correct overall total of five years’ aggregated service is fully accounted for. In calculating the length of service, no deductions or pro-rata arrangements will apply for personnel who work or have worked reduced hours or those who have worked retained or voluntary, they will be considered as though they have worked the full hours. In addition, the following qualifying criteria will apply:
  • Emergency service personnel in the Fire and Rescue Service on secondment out will also qualify for the medal. Fire and Rescue Services will be responsible for ensuring that their seconded-out personnel are included in their orders for medals.
  • Emergency service personnel in the Fire and Rescue Service who are retained or act in a voluntary capacity for the Fire and Rescue Service will be eligible. 
  • Emergency service personnel in the Fire and Rescue Service subject to formal disciplinary procedures on 6 February 2022, which could result in dismissal or requirement to resign, will have their eligibility determined once the outcome of those procedures is known. If the disciplinary action results in dismissal or requirement to resign, and no appeal against that outcome is upheld, the personnel will not receive the medal. In all other outcomes, the personnel’s eligibility will be determined in accordance with the normal criteria.
  • Serving emergency service personnel in the Fire and Rescue Service on unpaid service on 6 February 2022 will be eligible for the medal but the periods of unpaid service will not count towards the five years’ qualifying criteria.
  • Dealing with emergencies. Defined as being called to the scene of 999 response calls and personnel who are potentially placing themselves in danger. 
  • Aggregated Service will be taken into account. For those, who have less than five years’ service with the Fire and Rescue Service, may have previously served as a member of the Armed Forces or as a member of another eligible Emergency Service, or operational Prison Service. Providing the personnel was in service on 6 February 2022, and their aggregated service amounted to more than five years, then he or she will be eligible for the medal. The officer would, however, need to apply for the medal, and would be invited by their Fire and Rescue Service to provide proof of their previous service. Previous equivalent service in: Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland; or Crown Dependencies, British Overseas Territories and Commonwealth countries where the Queen is Head of State, and where the Government whereof has signified that the medal shall be awarded; will also count towards eligibility. The onus will be on the personnel to provide evidence of service in these areas.
  • Anyone who is currently eligible but retires before the 6 February 2022, will not receive a medal.
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@Carl Am I being thick (no, don’t answer that), or is there an option missing. Don’t we need a Diamond, Platinum, LSGC option for those who joined between March 97 so missed the golden cut off and Feb 2002 so will have qualified for the LSGC by the cut off for the Platinum?  And yes, that includes me so would have been my choice.

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Think I’m in the same position as you @Rory-495. If you’re still serving as a reservist and meet the criteria then you should just be awarded it through your unit anyway. Only thing you would need to check is what the policy is regarding broken service

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Hi Carl. I’ve just ordered my triple bar from the fire service Facebook page. I’ve heard that we can start to wear our jubilee ribbons and small medals right away but can’t wear the large ones until June. Is this correct do you know?

Thanks Craig 

Quote deleted as its a quote of the previous post. Please read FAQ.

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I keep hearing conflicting information to be honest. Some people are saying you can wear the ribbons but the medals only if you are on official queen business. Otherwise its the June date. I was under the same impression as yourself, but had nothing to quote so didn't post anything.

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Just as an update, we now have all available ribbon bars back in stock. 

For those who need any Military Service ribbon bars making up, just send me a PM and I can put it together for you ;)

We can also do Police and Ambulance Ribbon Bars. 

Full range here.

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I’ve got to say, having just taken out my medal, the ‘standard’ compared to the Diamond Jubilee medal is appalling - for a start, it’s actually been put on the ring the wrong way around, basics of basics, but the actual ribbon itself is a dogs breakfast, the rear is wider than the front with an uneven drop plus it’s all creased.

Shocking really, does anyone know if it’s the same company or have they changed?

@Carl can I just purchase a neatly folded ribbon and pin which I can attach my medal to?


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I believe the Silver Jubilee medal was only awarded to a very select few in each brigade.  The total UK distribution was 30,000 of which 9000 went to the armed forces and the rest were spread across all other eligible recipients.

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