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Retained Turnout


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Local TV news picked up on this, where video footage from a doorbell camera of a father and daughter responding to their alerters went viral:

Father and Daughter Firefighting Team

Something I noticed that they only seemed to respond in the same car once, for all the others the father was long gone, obviously all bets off in the race for the turnout tally and seat on the pump.🤣

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You hit the nail on the head with your last sentence Keith. One of our lads split up with his ex abd was staying in the attic room of another rds lad. When the alerters went down the lodger would come down to find his mate long gone

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My mates on his push bike and at the station before the alerters stopped sounding, literally flown down the stairs out the doors and on the bike.

I've seen all sorts of the years, sure there would be words to had with some over their responses if caught either way!

All I know now is when we go to the chippy I have to park in the right spot just incase it goes off as its too far to run back to the station!

Got to admit I've seen some quick response and turnouts and then others are considerably different but think it all depends on where you are and what's in your way.

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One of our members was getting pissed at how I consistently beat them to the station while living further away.  So I asked them for their home routine; they had their stuff laid out and keys handy, ready to go.   Unfortunately, for them whenever the alerter went off they stopped for a wee...

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The joy of living and working within 100m of the station is that it doesn’t matter whether I am get out of the blocks like Usain Bolt or more Susan Boyle, I am still first on Station so nobody knows how fast/slow I was.

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