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Leaving Jobs Temporarily Correct


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I assume its not just a WMFS thing in leaving jobs 'temporarily correct' so is there any rules governing for how long in your brigade? 

I have heard re-visits booked for anything between 1 hour and 6 hours.  Is it simply down to the IC's discretion?

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I hope I am on the right wavelength here Jim and presuming you mean what we call in GMFRS "Left open for inspection"

If so, its up to the OiC. We do have a certain criteria, mainly tips and large piles of crap in the open or derelict buildings were there is absolutely no chance of spread. Basically when putting water on it is "urinating in the wind"

I recently went to a large pile of garden waste, and I am taking 100m x 100m which had had a large amount of water shuttled onto it and we were getting no where due to its deep seating. I could either make it up which would have been hose layer and several pumps an a lot of manpower to dig out, or I could :leave open for inspection". I chose the latter and requested a 4 hourly visit by 1 pump. After 8 hours the attending WM closed the job and that was the end of it.

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Yeah we do it mate, we just add "incident to be left open" to the stop and book when the reinspection is required.

Can be done at any fire, i did it at a 4pf at a factory last week.

PS I think the maximum time between reinspections is 4 hours

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Cashy that's another debate mate.... is leaving a job open a cop out for somebody not willing to close it or simply being careful?  

Do you folks tend to close jobs in the middle of the night or wait for daylight? 

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Noddy, I'll be honest, in these days of spurious re-ignitions ( any LFB remember Judy Dench's cottage in Hampstead??) it's a no brainer imho at say 3am to send for a revisit by local station at 8.30am.If nothing else, you can at least say you've given the incident a suitable amount of time to cool down etc. Tic's are brilliant tools, but they are sometimes fooled by stud walls etc, technology is still no substitute for properly cutting back and exposing.

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Yeah, if you're not sure, particularly at a house, then you've I've gotta stay...... or the gold standard is to leave the CM there on the other pump... :)

Always makes sense to leave it open until everything is wet and cold

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SFRS (West) allow reinspections under certain conditions such as Timber Frame Constructions, but even then the OIC requesting a reinspection must be fairly certain the fire is out and has cut back extensively to ensure this as far as possible. Under other conditions, such as a grass fire on a remote hill at night a watching brief may be put in place where a crew will remain in attendance but sat on the appliance taking no action unless life/property risk becomes a more immediate concern. Otherwise, jobs are cracked on until finished up here.

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