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With COVID still interfering with life, are your brigades or services, limiting movements, outduites ,standbys, overtime creating working bubbles or areas, etc etc.

We've got all of the above in various forms.

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50 pumps off the run and “coping” well enough to still have staff working with LAS?

Cant help but feel this will be a stick you are going to get beaten with when it comes to further cuts.

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I believe the peak was around 35 trucks (not saying that as a good thing!) on Christmas day

But yes there's a fear about what will happen cuts wise with us "coping" right now 

Most days seems to be 10-15 trucks off.

BUT! Having said that, we have more than that off for training normally before covid for SR. So while they could argue that while we can work with less (as demonstrated right now) but it's only because we aren't doing extra training (large drills, off site visits, other training). The best way to refute any plans to cut our appliances post covid would be to point out we couldn't train the way we need to as we wouldn't have the cushion of extra appliances to provide full fire cover.

And before anyone says it, yes these are London problems as all other fire services do the same of not more with less. But please don't take our trucks away!

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Unfortunately as much as I agree with you from the outside looking in 25 million pounds worth of cuts is going to be incredibly difficult to negotiate without removing appliances or stations. 

North of the border we have yet to have to see any cuts to appliances or stations but I fear we will all soon be in the same boat 


on topic Scotland has outright banned detached duties and is allowing pumps to go off the run 2-3 seems to be normal in the west just now. 
No non essential moves either. Turnouts and standbys that’s it.

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On 16/01/2021 at 19:46, LFB92 said:

 one day having around 50 trucks off the run due to self isolation

Where do you guys get this information as it us way off, unless you are talking about day shift and nightshift combined to form trucks OTR over a 24hr period?

6 hours ago, Rory-495 said:

Most days seems to be 10-15 trucks off.

BUT! Having said that, we have more than that off for training normally before covid for SR. 

This is more accurate, tonight, ALL trucks were predicted to be on the run!

1 minute ago, LFB92 said:

According to my borough commander it was definitely 50 trucks and it was talked about using the securitas crews

Your BC is scaremongering a bit there, senior officers get a bulletin every morning with truck that were off the previous in the previous 24hrs.

Also, the contingency crew contract is looked after by my department, we have not been close.

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I believe discrepancy in the figured comes from when you check how many appliances are off on BOSS. If you check in the morning or after standbys are announced the number OTR jumps for an hour or so as everyone loves about. If you check in the afternoon that's the best time 

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No more than usual, call volume has dropped as a result of the current circumstances we find ourselves in. Central London provides the Lion’s share, but its half empty...

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How are other FRS coping then? I've heard some are still going ahead with large drills (10+ appliances)

Also, are many people getting pre arranged overtime? We had 3 of 4 watches off with covid and brought in standbys from all over the LFB to cover it whole we were offered nothing. Surely keeping movement to a minimum would be preferential to spreading it about

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If crews are at 2 or 3 then as long as there’s a minimum number of pumps on, we’ll leave those guys at station not crewing any pump. No movements , even though they are more than likely to go no where. Only movements to next station basically if critical.

only ever 4 on a pump, 5th man follows on in our land rovers (on nearly every station ) no multi pump drills at all, training numbers limited.

OT offered up to grey book max (own station or neighbouring station )rather than move people.

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5 hours ago, Aspire said:

. Central London provides the Lion’s share, but its half empty...

And to prove the point of how quiet central London is, some recent snaps I took during lockdown 2.0, shortly before (what used to be)the evening rush at Westminster tube. To be fair, suburban areas of London are busier, but this station would usually have 30 to 40+ people on that platform at this time. Whereas it was just me and 2 x mice ;)




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