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I have recently been looking back through some downloaded archives of our older forums that are no longer accessible online, and came across a few topics that we have not seen much of on this version. There were several topics in which people discussed the various pieces of kit they have purchased as part of their own arsenal of pocket tools etc. 

As always, I am looking to increase the post count of the forums and wondered if there was an appetite to start off some topics, for example, torches, in which those who have purchased their own can review their model on the forum which might influence someone else into buying a similar model. The expectation is that it would be a detailed review of the item rather than a single sentence saying how good it is. Im sure we have all seen the good and bad reviews that people leave on Amazon.

I would like to see some good reviews in which members could use the like button and after a period of time, the review with the most likes could win an Amazon Voucher or a Forum Subscription?

I know it's hard to get a "buy in" from members and it may not be viable, but as I mentioned above, its always good to try and get some good topics going. 

Let me know your thoughts?

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Like that idea Carl 👍.

Ill kick off with a review of the fat max folding retractable Stanley knife.  I’ve spent decent money on proper rescue knives over the years that have been great but there’s always the worry of it getting lost or it breaking.  We’ve all been there when that stubborn last piece of carpet won’t pull free or a seatbelt needs quickly cutting, and someone shouts “who’s got a knife?”.  When there’s a Gucci knife in your pocket the last thing you want is for someone else to not properly look after your pride and joy and start chopping away! With expensive knives there’s comes the irony of not ever wanting to use or share the damn thing 😂 step up the fat max!  It’s cheap (relatively), strong very sharp and bright yellow! Blades can be swapped in 30 seconds and it folds up nice and small.  There’s a belt clip if required and because i see mine as being somewhat disposable, it gets far more use.  Having had many different knives in my 23 years service, I’d recommend a decent folding retractable Stanley blade over any expensive knife all day long.... and I’ve found the fat max to be the best I’ve used so far 👍

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Cheers @Noddy. I wasn't expecting a review straight away but wishing more had your enthusiasm. 😂

I hoping to see a few likes or suggestions and then have individual topics named "Knives" or "Torches" in which members could put a decent review similar to yours within the topic, ideally generating a thread all about the piece of equipment. 

On 12/01/2021 at 03:00, Carl said:

I know it's hard to get a "buy in" from members

I guess I knew it wouldn't generate much interest, but thought I would at least test the water. Good effort though. ;) 

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