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ICL2 at Fire Service College

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I have just been placed on the course in Sept just wondering if anyone on here are attending the same course ? Also anyone that has done this course have you any pointers ? Just received my pre learning and that looks an epic to start with :/ Would really appreciate any advice. 



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Hi Bob. I completed the ICL2 in March 2015. Quite a good course in my opinion. 

I am presuming the format is the same. I had to complete an assignment based on my interpretation of Incident Command. There were about 6 elements to the assignment. I had to submit this prior to the course starting. It was then marked by an AM who worked at the FSC and had retired. 

The course itself. You are really thrown into it to be honest. You start off sat at your desk when the call comes in that a scenario has broken out. They are obviously asking you to go onto the job. You are then asked about what you are thinking on route to the incident. When you arrive you are presented with a screen in which a scenario is breaking out, a WM is in charge of the incident and you are coming on as a SM. Mine was a fire on the 11th floor of a high rise and 1 person was on the balcony shouting for help. Obviously they are looking at you taking over at some point when you have done the 360 and got the info. Within minutes of you doing so, one of the other members of the course comes and tells you that the command unit is ready and off you go to the bus. When you get there, the lads have it all written on the boards for you. It flows very well. You each take it in turns to have a go. 

You then get a second scenario, in which you are marked on. Very similar. Mine was a commercial plane crash just short of the runway and a couple of RTCs on route. Its all about information gathering. My plane was a cargo plane carrying letters with minimum crew. 

You then sit down with the Area Managers and discuss your decision making process.

All in all a good course, I thought. Quite daunting and you do tend to get immersed. 

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Thanks Carl, I am looking forward to it and I have the assignments to do beforehand. Sounds like that the format of the course is still the same. Big learning curve for me this one as I am a CM and stepping up will take me right out of my comfort zone and thinking about the bigger picture rather than just the operational tactics might find me out a bit but thats the point of me going.

Thanks again ATB


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I have just picked up the job as Training Manager for Incident Command in Lancs which is a new role within TOR. I have stalled on DCP for the last 6 years so ready for a new challenge.

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I know that those who go into our training departments also go and do the ICL2 even though they are corporate trainers which are made up of firefighters, crew managers and maybe a watch manager or two. 

Let us know how you go on Bob, as I say I enjoyed it.

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Hi Carl,

I have just completed the ICL2 down at FSC on Thurs.

Reading your previous post the format of the course with the pre-course assignments and then the  formative, summative assessment  and Professional discussion were very similar.

The 2 scenarios I were dealt were the Multi vehicle RTC and a large Mill fire involving illegal waste storage, I couldn't have asked for any better. The role players were really good keeping you on your toes throughout the exercise.

You will probably know a couple of the assessors I had, Malc Jones and Tim Greenwood.

Cheers ATB


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On 30/09/2017 at 17:52, Bob said:

You will probably know a couple of the assessors I had, Malc Jones and Tim Greenwood.

Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, know both of them. Malc Jones left as a StnO some 10+ years ago and Tim a SM who retired 2 or 3 years ago, both GMC ;)

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