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Experiences using Drip Torch


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To whom it may concern

I am hoping that you can assist me with a research and development matter.

I am a third year BA Product Design student in Wales. For my final advanced creative enquiry assignment, I have been researching and looking at developing a tool which could be used as an alternative to a device known as a drip torch. There have been reported incidents, of accidents involving ignited fuel causing injury to the user whilst using a drip torch. In order to offer greater control and minimise risk, I am gathering information and ideas from individuals who have experience of using the afore mentioned tool for prescribed burning matters.

Thank you in advance for any information.

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We are using them in Lancashire Fire and Rescue with our burn team. We've not had any issues with ignited fuel or near misses but happy to have a conversation with you as part of your research.

I can also put you in touch with the Wildfire lead down in South Wales FRS if that's closer.

Best regards


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