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Last & First Shout of the Year 2020/21


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Surprised this one has not been raised this year?!

I’ve not been on a shout since early November, a hazmat job regarding some flytipped oil drums leaking fluid.

The rest of my year was curtailed by 3 weeks in self isolation and then 2 and a half weeks leave over Christmas and the new year. 

I am, though, on duty for the 48hrs this weekend so there is a chance of an early one in the new year.

How have you all seen out the year, and how have you seen in 2021 (when it arrives) incident wise?

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Had a standby earlier today. Actual shout was a FAGI Monday, didn’t leave the pump. Actual doing something was moving someone for Ambulance crew on Xmas day, which resulted in a my trousers being covered in liquid poo. It’s a glamorous life.

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Blimey, I am no longer in the job but even I managed a 'shout' yesterday morning at 4.40am

I was called into one of our sites where a tiny quantity of oil had leaked onto an AC filter and ignited by heat from a heater coil. Hardly any fire damage, but light smoke spread through a large building causing a bit of chaos at 4am (The building was partly occupied).

The local fire crews (Not London) did a wholly unprofessional job. To access a 300mm x 300mm paper filter, they butchered a steel cover that was held in place with 4 crosshead screws. Instead of using a screwdriver to loosen the screws and lift the cover, they crowbarred the frame cover off, causing £1800 additional damage. There was no rush, as it was not a panic/urgent measure.

It also messed up the heating today which was totally unnecessary. You have no idea how much I want to name & shame these cowboys as it was total laziness. Instead of going down three floors to get a toolbox, they resorted to vandalism - all watched by a CCTV which I have seen today. One guy - the guy in charge I think - didn't even have his helmet on which shouts 'cocky git' to me!

I have recommended we complain about their attitude and the additional damage, but I have been vetoed by my boss who wants to maintain a 'good relationship' with the fire service :(

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A real dull one to end the year on, a watching breif of a burning woodchip pile at 0530 Tuesday morning. Before that a burning wheelie bin full of nappies. A little visual analogy for the year. 

Back on for a 24hr shift tomorrow. I'm going to call it that first shout will be an Assist Ambulance.

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18 hours ago, Crog said:

Had a standby earlier today. Actual shout was a FAGI Monday, didn’t leave the pump. Actual doing something was moving someone for Ambulance crew on Xmas day, which resulted in a my trousers being covered in liquid poo. It’s a glamorous life.

Half hour before end of shift and got a gain entry for ambulance. Not back in until Sunday night now.

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Busy start to the year around here, lots of small little jobs pre 3am, not as many assist ambulance jobs for that time of day usually, a few fires, a couple of assist police jobs with entry and search dogs.

Last week has been steady one for once.

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Last shout of 2020 was an ambulance assist on 31st 7am 

First shout of 2021 at around 1am a bin shed fire 

A busy night, but not as busy as some other crews we met 

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My last shout was to a junction box explosion on christmas day night, i had one family state that they “couldnt play their much wanted PS5 now” as it knocked out the power to 4 streets. First shout was yesterday, a running call to a little old lady that had fallen over and injured her head round the corner from our station

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Last shout was to a fire in a block of flats, just a bin alight in a bathroom,

First shout of the new year was an AFA that turned into a multiple stabbing outside the address. First stabbing of the new year at 00:20 am?

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Last shout was going to be an unusual bathroom explosion. Unfortunately that wasn't to be an interesting finish as we had an obligatory don't get off the truck 5th in attendance AFA to follow and end the year on

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Last shout of the year for me was call to assist Police after someone reportedly poured petrol over somebody... 30 mins later and chasing up - we were not required but Police neglected to let us know!

Back in Monday so, not sure what that will bring...

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Ended with a kitchen fire, turned out the ovens element had failed and exploded. Started with an assist ambulance, very rapid extraction of patient with a nasty cut on blood thinners. 

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So last shout (as I said) was a fatal house fire, first shout last weekend was a fatal flat fire in Coventry and alas, my second shout was last night.... another fatal house fire.  The fire investigation gods are not smiling on me at the moment 👎

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How did you feel about this special service @Aspire?

At first sight - and knowing nothing about the job- it feels a long way from the remit of the fire service

Was there no NPAS available?

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Messy, very much now in scope, drone teams much more effective (if available) knowing the london team as I do they are really good with good kit. Quicker and definitely cheaper than NPAS, easier for image transmission to ground staff. I could go on.

Just so you know I'm tactical lead for drones in my county, and a huge rationale for progressing and investing in this technology is the multi agency arena. 

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@Messyshaw, Becile covered most of it to be honest. There was a real possibility that said suspects may have got into some bother, having climbed out of a balcony at 11th floor level; so there was a welfare element heat as this very well could have turned into a rescue.

Weather wasn’t good enough for NPAS to fly, so in the spirit of our every increasing multi-agency working, we mobilised to assist our colleagues.

I do a lot of inter-agency bits in my day job so am quite for helping where we can and where Brigade neutrality doesn’t suffer.

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@Becile @Aspire I know this is a brave new world with inter agency working doing amazing and positive things from counter terrorism work to Covid response assistance. But I do have to say I feel a bit uneasy with the fire service assisting police with drones in what is primarily (if not solely) a business as usual police/criminal justice matter. Its somewhat different with a missing person which is entirely a community safety issue.

I am not sure what the collective noun is for a group of NILOs, but I have heard of a number of incidents where individual or teams of NILOs have done extraordinary and brave (sometimes covert) work, but so removed from fire service duties, it makes me me wonder where it will all end. I cannot give details as that would be irresponsible, but trust me, there are some Wild West activities going on.

For the record, I am a huge supporter of the NILO system and have worked with plenty both in training and operational situation - before and since I have left the job. Their commitment has been amazing and flexibility has most definitely resolved incidents more quickly and efficiently than would have been the case if it was left to a busy Incident Manager to do the liaison. 

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Hi @MessyshawI think if you stepped back into the areas of fireservice work we get involved in now that just weren't there years ago (many unseen) - you'd be amazed, from the NILO work(agree as im part of that ) , drones,  Environment agency, medical arena, DIM , counter terrorism , county lines, telecare , immigration,  - why not ? if we've got the time  and we're trained properly. Nearly all of the above arenas if left unchecked could end up in our court .Prevention better than cure, I'd love to have better funded better resourced agencies - it just doesnt happen.

Reality - were good at our stuff, and everyone knows it, so  "go ask the brigade" usually gets things done when others can't or won't .

Classic example all the national resilience stuff.

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