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The Oldest Working Fire Station

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OK I will start this one off. Some may find it interesting?

Withington Fire Station is the oldest working fire station in Greater Manchester, not sure of the dates but will add it once I get a definitive answer.

Which station in your FRS is the oldest working station?

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Oldest in West Mids is Aston, built in 1925. But .... due to an expansion only the engine house and parts of the old DO’s house on the left are still in the use, the upper floors are all blocked off now, they used to be a rabbit warren. Reputedley haunted, i was told when i first went on standby “get a bedroom quick, dont let them stick you in the ambo room” ( the bay window on the left downstairs, they werent kidding, no one ever slept in there unless they wanted the ghost to keep them awake at night with her tapping ) Pictured below is the station before the extension was added to the left hand side. A replica is on show at the Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham

After that is Kings Norton, built in 1930 complete with cobbled apron out the front, tiled engine house and the old firefighter accomodation out the back on the edge of the postage stamp drill yard. Its had a bit of modernisation inside but has still got the tall stone staircases and huge sash windows


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