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Compartment Ambient Temperature Monitoring

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Hi all.

Following a discussion at work I am shocked to discover that the TICs used here do not have ambient temperature monitoring on them... just surface.

In my former Service they had both ambient (admittedly not an exact science but at least something) and surface.

Given we have to by law have temperature monitoring in training venues due to ‘workplace’ legislation to do the very same due to H&S, I find it odd that we don’t have any kit to let me know how hot the compartment (or my new workplace at the Incident) is. 

Obviously we can’t fit probes to every building but organisationally if we stated that if the ambient temperature of a compartment is x degrees you have to withdraw/not enter which is the probes purpose at a training venue, then we wouldn’t have any idea of knowing the temperature and risk of heat exposure on our people.

Is there other technology in use by other Brigades such as alarms attached to a temperature sensor on a BA set?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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