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SFJ Level 2 Award in Fire Investigation

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Has anyone had any experience of the above course. I have just been put on a waiting list to attend and complete the course which I believe is 8 hours input and then some work out and about within my role. It sounds like a basic introduction course but wondered if anyone could shed any light based on experience?

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Yes mate I had a little to do with its production. You're right that it is a very basic course but is accredited so you get a posh certificate for your efforts :)

It covers such things as why there is a need for FI, the legal requirements and the various levels of FI.  It then goes onto burn patters and indicators etc... It also covers contemporaneous notes, evidence and what to record before helping to identify areas of origin and factors affecting fire development.  

You appreciate why it is only a Level 2 Qualification when there are only 8 hours guided learning, ie 1 day so one cannot expect to do any more than scratch the surface of FI.

The pre-course learning as I recall is via CFITrainer.net which is online tested training and some multi choice questions round it off at the end of the course.  

Give me a bell mate if you want to know more but a man with you calibre will pi$$ it. 

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The CFITrainer.net curriculum is a valuable resource.  What is the go to investigation reference in the UK?  Do you reference Kirk's Fire Investigation or NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations?

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TX Noddy, I was not familiar with that reference, but at $1500 US its likely not joining mine or the fire services bookshelf soon.

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On ‎01‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 04:04, Noddy said:

I know mate! We've got one copy in our office and at £800 it's kept under lock and key 

Upon further research the book is out of print however there is a pdf version available for about $250 US which is a little more reasonable.

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