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Success In Avon


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Very good story of how you faced all those issues and still got there in the end. A very big well done, congratulations, clearly well deserved and as I always say, we hope you stick around and stay on the forums. 

Well done. :)

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Well done @Jack2250! You have a very good captain fighting your corner! Unfortunately I was in a similar position with HWFS end of last last year. The gave me a provisional offer on Nov with a start date of Jan 21. However,  RAF manning were less helpful to release me with 2 months notice and didn’t grant my early PVR. Very much out of my control and hard to replace me in my current posting. So I’m currently sat on the holding list/pool hoping they take on in the next 18 months. The recruitment team have been really good at keeping me in the loop so far which has been fab! Fingers crossed 🤞 

Reading your story has really spurred me on should the opportunity present itself to really push them to release me early and not give up pestering them to let me go as all I’ve aspired to do is join the fire service and I can’t bear to be told no a second time for the career of a lifetime. 

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