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Old Godiva Dual Stage Pumps - Info Needed Please


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Hello to all from the currently weather beaten, but normally sunny island of Madeira.

I have a question about some older Godiva Pump Equipment - maybe someone here can help.

I apologise if I am dragging this forum back to the past, but I really have tried everywhere else - even Godiva themselves!

I run an engineering workshop on Madeira, concentrating on classic cars / Land Rovers. We are working to set up a classic car museum here, and we are looking into fire protection equipment.

We have got hold of a Godiva GMA5300 (UMPX) dual stage pump from an old scrapped Dennis Sabre Appliance (and plan to purchase another), for use as emergency fire protection pumps, and we have the assistance of a very experienced UK fire fighter friend to implement the water side of the system.

These will be driven by a couple of older engines from classic cars probably - like Jag 4.2's or rover V8's, or some older massive diesels we have lying around.

The re-use of older pumps driven by classic engines fits well with the whole museum project, and forms a lovely part of the back story to the whole place.

I am having trouble finding technical data for this pump though - Godiva have given me the rebuild info and a parts list, but I cant find any information on the application guide.

I need to know the RPM ranges, pressures and the pumping curves for these pumps, for example.

Also, we are just about to ship one of the pumps (Before any Brexit shenanigans), so I need to know the pump mass of a Bronze bodied pump for the shipping docket.

Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Mike Evans (Paradise Engineering Madeira)

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Cheers for that - I've not tried Linkedin - I don't use it - but I will have a look. 

I have enquired with fire protection preservation and heritage organisations, but we haven't found what we are looking for yet.

I've seen the "Installation notes" document mentioned by several sources, but I've never found the actual document.

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I would say speak to Godiva as they have been good to me in the past with older stuff but you have tried that.

EFA Trading Ltd which are part of Essex workshops would be my next call as they sell appliances from all over the UK so would have possibly come across it, failing that contact the Brigade the truck came from and speak to their workshops as they should have something with it originally coming from there.

Although a quick Google found this document, does that help a bit?  Does appear that pump was used in Simon Protectors so worth possibly looking at Airports that run them too.

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Thanks for that.

I tried Godiva, they were helpful - they sent me the rebuild info and the parts catalogue, but no engineering install info.

That document helps - thank you.

I'll try the Facebook groups. 

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Godiva have been really good to me over last year or so, had some excellent information sent for the pumps we have been rebuilding.  Facebook would be my next place for that sort of thing other than workshops.

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