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FBT Clothing


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For such a specialist question, you may need to give a bit more background to get the best reply. For most it will be what your Brigade / Service issue and for the majority it's probably your bog standard.

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Cotton t-shirt made in Bangladesh for us. Half peeled lettering, fading and chinagraph stains (from failing to check pockets properly pre wash) are seemingly mandatory but cannot confirm. We also have the option of a cotton jumper which I live in this time of year. Our BAIs have special two piece suits for under their kit. 

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We (instructors) use Brage in the SFRS, the smoke tech trousers are really good extra insulation on the knee area, smoke tech jacket(more like a sweatshirt) is okay but the high neck stops you being able to do up your tunic fully, the flame tech long sleeve top with a issue t shirt is the best combination.Use these most days.

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