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Which Smoke Alarm?


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I've had 2 mains powered smoke alarms in the house for the last 7 years.  I replaced the batteries in them the other day as they hadn't been done for a while and on testing them off the mains with the battery in and they didn't go off so I think they need replacing, they do work fine on mains however.

So I have one in the hall way outside the kitchen and one at the top of the landing.  So am I right in that an ionisation is best for the landing an a optical one for the hall way?

Next question with the mains powered do I go for another with a replaceable battery or a sealed unit tamper proof one?  What experience has anyone had with these?  

I am looking at the Safelincs site as recommended by here but also they are a local supplier to where I live too.  

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I'd always go with the mains power first, the battery backup is secondary as essentially its only there for when the power is off. Other thing that most people don't realise is that smoke alarms do have a shelf length, which should be displayed somewhere on it. Check that as well when you're changing the battery. If its past its best replace the unit rather than putting a new battery in it.

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I've never seen a mains alarm in a house. Over here, all the alarms are battery, with a circuit that screeches when the battery is about to fail.

Incidentally, across most of the Continent, smoke alarms are mandatory in all premises. In fact, yesterday a traditional Advent Candle set was delivered to our home, and there was a free smoke alarm with it.

The Advent Candles are four set into a holly wreath. You light one on first Advent Sunday, two on the second and so on.

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I've got a couple more years left before they are due to be replaced but will be replacing wired with wired as the wiring is there.  It was an ex FF mate of mine who is a sparky who fitted them when he did the rewire on this place when I bought it.

Have been having a read of their site, just wanted some honest opinions from those who have probably a little more exposure to them than me, which types and makes do you find issues with etc.

More concerning that battery backup didn't work when off the base simulating a power cut so for me its time they are replaced regardless of weather the date says so or not.

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Matt do they work when mains-powered? Some mains detectors won’t work at all if off their base. 

I would recommend ionisation for both and only swap for a heat detector in a kitchen.  

As an aside and having been to 70 fatal fires in the last 9 years I’ve added to my mains detectors (landing and hallway) and have one in each of my kids bedrooms, our bedroom and one in the loft.

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Thanks for that Noddy, they work fine on the bases.  I suppose I could kill the circuit they are on at the board and try them.

Its the different types I wasn't sure of what would be best so thanks for your thoughts on that one.

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All is good it would seem, powered off lighting circuit to which they are attached and they work so they need to be on the base to work on battery.

One less thing to worry about replacing for a few more years.

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