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Pay Freeze?

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Hi, I’m due to begin my initial course soon and just heard in the news of a public sector pay freeze. For those of you around when this has happened before will that freeze a new recruits pay, even when made competent? 

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The next chapter in the war on public services... BILLIONS can be found to dish out contracts to those with connections in govt (through emergency procurement laws), and now the military has an additional £18.5bn for arms contracts and recruitment.

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Blimey, dont any of you watch the news?😳

The UK and devolved governments are pumping £billons into covid response (mostly via their friends!) and someone has to pay for it.

Just because there's the promise of vaccines doesn't mean the hurt is over yet. The economy has taken more of a bashing than the Govt's fiscal wallet, and just in retail, hospitality and tourism, thousands of people who contributed taxes will now be on benefits. Plus the NHS coffers will need topping up.

I am angry as everyone else about MPs and their secure pay rises, but we had that once with the so called pay formula and were more than happy with it. The costs of MPs pay is peanuts in the overall public costs to be honest, but they should lead from the front

I know this is controversial but it irritates me when people in the fire service community claim 'we are a special case'.  Really? Why? At this moment we (the public) are all in it together and must share some of the pain as the UK rebuilds after covid (& maybe Brexit?)

I am retired from the fire service and now a civil servant so am in the same boat. A pay freeze and bosses who are now permitted to bully us!

So please, when you are in the warm fire station, dont forget to look out of the window and see the anxiety and worry many people - including maybe your family members? - are going through in terms of have I got a job next week? Maybe that makes the pay freeze a bit more palatable 

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I don’t care about a pay freeze personally- it’s more the rest of the public services. What irks me is the pay freeze being presented as a necessary evil due to the COVID response, whereas in reality billions have been funnelled into making well off individuals considerably more well off. This is an ongoing attack on the public sector, which will continue until all money-making opportunities have been exhausted.

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