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Crew Commander & Driving


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How many of you routinely drive as a crew commander & what is your brigades policy on this? I’m referring solely to driving not driver & OIC combined which is dangerous. 

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Crew commanders in West Mids can drive in extenuating circumstances, such as no firefighters to drive or driving the specials. Both of mine routinely drive if the staffing allows it

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Not in LFB. Which is irritating at my station with the bulk foam unit and hose layer. It would be useful if the LFF could drive the bulk foam instead of getting a standby from 2 hours away across the city!

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Depending on number of drivers on shift, we fairly regularly have our CMs driving. They tend to drive more often than ride in the back on our watch due to a current shortage of drivers. Every once in a while you might find a WM driving (if they still have their ticket), providing there are sufficient JOs on shift. 

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