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Attacks on Crews


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Recently it seems again like the youth ( and some adults) of today’s era think it’s acceptable to attack Crews on jobs, again at my local area crews had fireworks launched at them and also bricks/ stones etc.

Now I know this has gone on for years and I’m sure anybody that had served in N.Ireland Fire service would have seen their fare share of this on most weeks during certain periods, but how does your service combat this?

I know some or at least most appliances are equipped with CCTV now and some body cams, and that school engagements/ community schemes are currently on the hold with covid but just wanted to get a idea of peoples opinions and ways that your service tries to deal with this and what has been successful and unsuccessful?

Cheers 👍


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First year this year in god knows how many that local crews come under attack attending a bonfire related job.  Certain areas around here were renown for it but first November 5th related attack in probably 10 years if not longer, it was pre Airwaves days cannot quite remember when the switch was.

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