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BA in High Rises


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The Grenfell Tower fire has already raised a lot of questions and inevitably will change a lot with regards to legislation, building controls and more importantly to us, tactics. 

One thing that has been playing on my mind and has done long before this tragic incident is why are firefighters allowed into buildings where a fire is present without a BA set? In relation to high rise fires this includes everyone committed to the bridgehead. Would it be such a hinderance for everyone that goes into a high rise job to at least wear a set in case it goes sideways? I know of at least one incident in London that could have claimed FF lives all because of the lack of BA sets being worn in a high rise. Is this one of our considerations that needs to be addressed?

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i don't think that is a necessary change mate. Greenfell aside (clearly not a typical job and another topic entirely) what we do now, having people without sets up to and in some cases beyond the bridgehead does work.

High rise residential buildings have protected areas and stairways, which offer us the protection we need (providing some d*ckh*ad hasn't clad that building with combustable materials) 

We pick up a lot of little high-rise jobs where i am, if everyone entering that building wore sets, every time, then imagine what that would mean from a resourcing perspective. It would turn a 6pf into a 12, an 8 into a 15 every time. And then what about speed and weight of attack?

I think i know the other job you refer too, and yes fire did spread around in mysterious (at the time) ways to catch them out, but again there were reasons for this we now understand.

Its a good idea mate, and i applaud your approach to thinking differently, i just think that our high rise procedure does work, clearly there are times its not going to....we are all learning that the hard way.....

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