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@BurtMacklin going off topic a bit here but I take it from the initial approach of 'BA masks and filters' that the LFB still hasn't moved on from providing a respiratory protection solution that doesn't involve wearing a full face mask and having convoluted and unnecessary entry control procedures? It always alarmed, but didn't surprise me that crews opted for the potential lung carcinomas over having to go through the ECO bureaucracy just to dig out at a job. Shame that something in-between doesn't exist, like what we currently have in Manchester with personal issue respirators 🤷‍♂️

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We now have half mask respirators issues for cutting away, although I believe we have to go through entry control for them still. People are definitely getting these confused with covid masks though - despite the policy stating they are only for operation tasks to block the products of combustion 

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I think certain people need to just get over themselves and their overinflated opinions and just let the crews decide when the time is right to wear a particulate mask at a job.

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@Jet the newly issued half masks do not require entry control and the decision to be worn can be made by FF’s in certain scenarios. at the beginning of covid these were not on the run, we got them just before the summer with stations more likely to attend grass fires being first in line for their issue. 

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