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West Mids Success 2


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I too had my Induction day for the West Midlands Fire Service yesterday. I feel so honoured and blessed to be starting my training at the same time as Kaz.

I signed up and subscribed to this site (and the last one) about 9months ago and I have tried to soak up as much information as possible. There really is a wealth of knowledge on these forums, it is amazing! 

In addition to signing up to this site, I have bought books, dvds, attended taster days, open days, visited stations, talked to Firefighters about the job and kept my fitness levels as high as possible. 

If I set myself a goal in any aspect of my life, I go at it with 110% and give it my all, and I believe that's exactly what It takes to become a Firefighter. 

To anyone looking to join or currently going through the recruitment process soak up and learn as much as you can from these guys on this site. 

Thank you guys for helping me achieve my goal and I'm so excited to start what will be 'the best job in the world' ?

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Well done Jonny. Good to see another post in the success stories section.

Changed the title slightly so as not to mix yours and Luminoki's up as both are well earned and deserve the plaudits.;)

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I echo what was said on the previous post Jonny, well done, the hard work paid off. Enjoy the start of a fabulous career. Everyday will be different. 

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