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West Mids Success 1


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So after 12 years of trying, 6 applications ( and a 7 month wait since i was told i was sucessfull at interview ) today i had my induction as a trainee firefighter for West Mids. Im truly made up, especially as its my home service

Training starts end of July and its mostly down to this site ( and the old one of course ) that im here. That and the members here, Carl, Steve, TandA, Firestorm, Noddy ( not to mention the endless PMs ) JamieJet, StevieA, Lizzy,  TrainHardFightEasy ( once again endless PMs ) and a whole host of other members that arent here anymore ( or yet ) so thank you to all
I joined this forum in 2009 and have spent every spare minute reading up on topics, not just recruitment but everything in order to understand the job. Ive applied for services, failed various steps, brushed myself down and immediatley returned here to see what i couldve done better ( and passed on the knowledge ) So those that are still trying to get in, apart from going to live on a fire statio, you will not find a better source of information ANYWHERE. Just keep at it, by being here youre already one up on the competition
And i will be sticking around Carl ?
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Well done. xD

I am glad we have been able to help you in getting the right information and assisting you in getting the job you have always wanted and no doubt deserve with the effort and perseverance you have put in. Now the best part of your working life begins. You will see things you never thought you would see, and you will laugh like you have never laughed before. Enjoy every minute of it, because it will fly like you have never know before.

Enjoy your new career and I do hope you continue to engage with us all, especially those now sat back wishing it was them in your position. Hopefully we will see you start posting in those operational sections. ;) 

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Well done mate I know you have worked very hard to achieve your dream.

Like I've said to JonnyArgue, please don't be shy when our paths inevitably cross and be sure to come over and say hello. 

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Thanks everyone, i genuinely dont think i'd be posting this if it wasnt for this site and the members on here

Noddy i was at Solihull last night trying to log on to the ecademy site. Had no luck but the duty watch got some cakes regardless, looks like i picked the wrong night to pop in ?

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Mate I totally overlooked this thread, fantastic news! The graft you've put in for years was worth it in the end. Well deserved. Well bloody done! :D

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Sorry.  Somehow I missed this.  Bloody brilliantly news after all your hard work.  Well deserved success.  Enjoy the training , I am sure you will make a success of it.

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Mate, I've only just seen this so sorry for the late reply but I'm so pleased for you. Honestly mate this is fantastic news. All the best for your new career, you deserve it.

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Cheers StevieA, good to see you back. I was posted to West Bromwich, the job is miles better than i could ever imagine, especially the eating on my watch. A stone a year is the taget ive been informed

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