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Derbyshire 2020


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Well after a long wait, and applications to many brigades it has been confirmed today with employment contract that I am due to start with Derbyshire FRS this Nov.

I’m 34, ex army but Currently a CM with the RAF Fire Service and if I was honest it’s stood me in good stead.

I will say for those who are interested that you won’t get fires everyday but there is other opportunities like co-responding/travel and more.

Anways, I have I think applied for around 5-6 brigades, got through to 1 practical with Cumbria but no further, and then interview with Derbyshire and also Hereford and Worcester, both with different approaches to current role. Greater Manchester also stopped their recruitment for the time being.

I didn’t get passed the online parts for Tyne and Wear/ Durham nor North York’s.

I read about how2become and tried that but personally I thought it was outdated for the online parts, so I paid for a website called assessment day and that was a massive bonus and I recommend it. After that then i seemed to start getting passed the online part no bother.

That said I have read on here that the interview book on How2Become is meant to be a great purchase but I suppose everyone learns differently.

For your practicals I can’t give much advice as I side stepped that but what I can say is listen to what you are told, and carry out exactly what is asked. That’s all you can do after all.

The bleep test seems to be a worry for a lot of people, different generations I guess but there is plenty of help on the internet and apps I would imagine, or what I like is just get out running, find a steep hill and carry out hill sprints a a few times a week.

What I will say for anyone regarding interviews  is read the brigades IRMP, PQA’s etc and get to know as much as you can regarding it, the more time you put into that then the more relaxed you will be knowing it when it comes to possibly discussing it.

Use real scenarios for your interviews also, you might possibly not think that you have done much until you understand the full meaning of the subject and then relate it.

This forum has been a great help and read also, with a broad wealth of knowledge across all subjects it certainly has made me pick out a few key points.

So Basic training again 😂, with no doubt different and new challenges but well worth the career, and can’t wait to start 👍


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Well done Jono. Glad we were of assistance even in a small way. 

Enjoy your training, and as I say to many, we hope you stick around and assist the others going forward. 

Congratulations. 👍

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