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Information on an Old Land Rover

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Evening all,

This is a long shot but I am looking to see if anyone would have any pictures or know anything about my Land Rover when she was in service with the North Yorkshire fire service. 

The reg is YG02 NBA and it is a red 110 double cab. 


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The only jottings I have is that it spent its life at Richmond.  

I've never seen many pictures of this one, it was just a station run around, it doesn't appear to be kitted out as a water rescue one like some of them are, one one of a pair the other been NBB and had a relatively short life was disposed of around 2011.

Sorry I cannot help anymore than that, may be worth looking for the North Yorkshire Fire Past & Present page on that there Facebook, I cannot assist with that at the moment as I've come off there or some of the Fire history pages someone will have a snap some where.

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