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High Rise Training

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Following on from the Grenfell Tower incident this week, hats off to those in LFB by the way, as thats one job that I don't envy. High rise incidents can be difficult enough but to have one on that scale is just as described by many as "Hell".

It got me thinking about just how much high rise training we actually do. Here in Manchester, we do quite a bit, after all we are a city with quite a number of high rise buildings. I myself is on the PDA for the 4 tower blocks local to us. 

We carry out the basic theory on a bi monthly basis but practically, training is not easy to organise. I have had some success by speaking with caretakers who let us know when a flat is empty, so I can get a BA drill completed, but is it enough? I have had the odd flat fire here and there over the years, some on the 8th floor, but they have been relatively simple as the compartmentation did its job. It was still a hard slog though. 

However, back to training, how much do you do? what do you do? and do you think its enough in comparison to the amount of high rise incidents you get?

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We do loads, every watch have to deliver a 4 pump high rise exercise every 2 months, to be run in real time at one of our risks. Although a small FRS, We do have a lot of high rise, both residential and other. The majority of our are not cladded, although one or 2 are.....

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I wonder how many Watches and Stations across the country will have already, or will be, going over their high rise procedures and visiting any risks within their area over the next few days?

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No, its valuable but not enough...

My position is this, we need to smash out full tempo high rise exercises until a point that all of the troops are unconsciously competent in any role they can reasonably be expected to carry out at 0400hrs on a november winters night. 

And actually, this goes for any other type of incident we can foreseeable be called to.

Call me old fashioned if you like . :)

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We do a 4 pump high rise exercise every quarter. Each watch has to do one. It’s got to the stage now where we need to start getting creative with the exercises as everyone is getting bored with them. We only have so many high rises we can attend. 

But when you get a proper job, unforeseen things go wrong that you just couldn’t make up. 

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