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Devon & Somerset - Pay for Availability

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Just seen a tweet saying a huge step as they roll out their new pay for availability duty system, no retaining fee, increased hourly pay, flexible 30-120 hour contracts, increases earnings & crucially appliance availability.

Does anyone know any more on this other than this video?

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What are the proposals? I'm all for modernizing the RDS system and it's also coming soon in ScotFRS.

But i have concerns over committing core hours for XX pay. I average about 140hrs a week currently, but with kids and a main job that means I can be dealing with customers/management at short notice it means i need the flexibility to book off(within reason). So very interested in what they are proposing and how it would affect different types of main job's

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Apologies for bumping this but is there anymore info on the P4A system and how it looks in practice, and what the latest is with the FBU agreeing to it as it sounds like this was the stumbling block?

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