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Memorable Incidents

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Well, there are certainly a few jobs over the past 12 months and in fact for some, the past 12 weeks that are going to be memorable, some for good reasons and some for bad reasons. So, here is the question, if you had to pick your most memorable job, what would it be, and why. 

Personally, my most memorable job wasn't a good one and involved a friend of mine called Steve Morris. Steve and I were probationers together with Steve just on the course after me. We both transferred but eventually ended up on the same watch at Bolton Central some years later.

On the 23rd June 2008, we both turned out to a house fire, persons reported which was confirmed on route that 3 people were trapped, I was driving and Steve was riding BA. I would love to be able to describe the scene on arrival but I couldn't do it justice. The result of this fire was several dead and 3 firefighters burned, Steve Morris, badly burned. 

That night changed my outlook on what we as firefighters do and what we sacrifice to do the job we love. 

For anyone wishing to know more about the above incident, a quick google of "Little Holme Walk Fire" will reveal more stories that made the press that day and several years onwards.

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That is an incredible story Carl.

I just briefly read up on it and my hats are off to all the crews that attended. I also hope Steve Morris is coping well with his injuries and also the things he has witnessed. It just shows that when shit does hit the fan, firefighters will be there to give it their everything! He showed extreme bravery and courage and that is what its about, helping others. Touching story, thanks for sharing Carl, with your experience I am sure you have witnessed some ups and downs. Top man.


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I just read up about the fire Carl. Wow. I was reading it with my girlfriend and actually had to stop and read it silently because I was struggling to read it out loud. I hope that it doesn't still weigh too heavily on all of you, particularly Steve who I'm sorry to see had to retire from the job due to his injuries. There is nothing more worthy of utmost respect and admiration, than a firefighter who gives their all as he did, and to save a family he never even knew existed until that day. Like you say it really does give you some perspective. I hope he's doing okay today, along with the rest of you.

I have attended incidents that will stay with me, but none that come close to what was experienced that day.


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On 18/09/2017 at 13:09, JamesL said:

I hope that it doesn't still weigh too heavily on all of you

Its always there James, I don't think it will ever go away to be honest. I have often been asked, also once by our Dep if I would have done anything different. As I was driving the pump on the night in question, I answered "Yes. I would have put the pump straight into Dominoes Pizzas window on route" I get strange looks on that reply, but if I had, then the outcome would have been far less that what resulted. :(

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I can totally understand what you mean mate. Hindsight is both a wonderful and awful thing. Nothing you could have done though. Always difficult to accept that however, as I think Firefighters by nature will always think they could / should have done more because we do the job to give it everything we can, and you don't always realise it when you've managed it.

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