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Hard Wired Smoke Alarms


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Quick one, not had it before, hard wired alarm x 2 at home, one on landing has just sounded (no fire!) like someone had pressed the test button (this in turn triggers both of mine off), no one else in the house and both appear to be working ok.

Couple of bugs floating around area of said alarm, anyone seen this before in person where they sound randomly like that?

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Depends if they are optical or not Matt. Some can be triggered by what we used to call Thrips. I don't know why I said used to, as they are still called Thrips. xD

They can set off alarms and have done for many years. Not sure about Humberside tonight but its very muggy here in Manchester. Both of them going off is normal with mains alarms, they tend to signal each other to activate. 

Do a search for "thrips and smoke alarms". You will be surprised :)

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Think you might be right, as far as I am aware they are optical, a sparky friend of mine (a FF too) fitted them when I bought the place and not had any issues.

Have heard of it but always associate it with commercial systems not home, used to be prone to the bugs when I lived out in the village but never had them set off alarms at home, not what you except at this time of night.

Yeah a little muggy, been on the coast its cooled down a bit now.

Will keep an eye on them see if I get any more issues.

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