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Greater Manchester Unconditional Offer 2


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Absolutely buzzing to be able to say i have received an unconditional offer from GMFRS to be starting my training course on the 7th of September!

Its been a lifelong ambition of mine to get into the Fire Service so this all feels a bit surreal. I began my journey by going to university to study Fire and Leadership at the University of Central Lancashire and have literally just graduated with a first. Although this degree was completely unnecessary to secure a job in FRS i thought it would be beneficial to invest in myself and educate myself further to top my potential. The  course was great and gave me real insights into the fire service, it also gave me a taste of what training could be like as we completed a graduate BA module and a 2 week pumps and ladder course with Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, on top of this  i even had the amazing opportunity of going to Zimbabwe with operation Florian. A lot of the course felt irrelevant and mostly tailored to the engineering side of things but it  gave me a lot of experiences which really prepared me well for the recruitment process.

I started my application back in December and went through each round of the process getting more motivated as i went form stage to stage. The GMFRS process was a lot stricter than others i have attended ( i also applied to Surrey FRS and got into their whole time recruitment pool) however this suited me well and seemed appropriate.

The most nerve wracking part of the process for me was the interview stage, im not the best at interviews and in all honesty thought i had completely fluffed it 😅. However the late nights of studying PQA's and writing up and learning my answers clearly paid off and they must have seen something in me other than a sweaty mumbling 21 year old 🤣

Just after i had my medical everything went on hold as the country went into lock down which was quite a uncertain time to say the least. However i kept faith things would work out and just kept training to keep my fitness up so i was ready when the time came! Now its less than a month away and i cant wait!

Just like to say thanks to to the forum the amount of advice and knowledge ive gained from scrolling through countess threads is amazing!

Cheers Everyone


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Congratulations @George99. Loved reading your story and it's cool that you invested into a Fire and Rescue degree.

I really liked what you said about your Interview, that even though it wasn't your strong point, because you prepared, you were successful. It goes to show that preparation is so important. 

Enjoy your training and your new career. 

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Well done @George99. Just remember that the experiences of the course and trip will have helped you far more than you think and will have provided you with the evidence required.

Good luck on the course ;)

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