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Greater Manchester Unconditional Offer 1


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So here goes, its official. I have been given an unconditional offer of employment with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service.

To say I am over the moon is an understatement. The wait and the uncertainty with Covid has been hard, but I suppose everyone has been affected by it in someway.

This journey started last year just before Christmas. Initially getting on a taster day at first was becoming impossible. But I ended up booking on one at midnight the night some 8 hours before it.

The application form was then submitted and then a waiting game to see if I was successful started.

Then onto the functional skills stage, (previously if you held a GCSE grade C then you could skip this, but now everyone needs to complete this). I Was a little worried about the Maths and English, but I was soon put at ease when I passed (you find out there and then). Then straight into the bleep test 8.8 was required, but we were encourage to continue as far as we could go. (Was told previously that each stage was scored, so give it your best).

Made it past this stage and on to another day. The physical assessments, ladder climb, enclosed space test etc. This seemed to be a lot more disciplined than some other services I have previously tried at. But if I am been honest I liked it. A lot of people were unsuccessful at this stage due to making silly mistakes and not following basic instructions. I think only 6 were successful out of 30 on the morning of the tests. 

Assessment centre/Interview style pods next. The assessment centre was a lot different to one that I had did previously (will go into detail on the thread set up for this when I get a bit more time), but it was all about the leadership framework. Then 4 different style pods, with 2 assessors per pod, they would ask you a question and you had ten minutes to answer it. Then after a short break, you would then move onto the next pod. 

I managed to get my medical in and completed that just before everything went on hold. 

Like to say thanks to the forum, which is invaluable to helping people get their dream job. Still can't believe the amount of people who aren't on it, who are trying to join. 

Hard work continues now, hopefully there is a lot more success for people this time around.

Thanks everyone.


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Well done Karl!

It’s the best feeling in the world receiving that email, do you have a date for your training course yet?

Best of luck to you for your course and the career that will follow.

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2 hours ago, Steve93 said:

It’s the best feeling in the world receiving that email, do you have a date for your training course yet?

Monday the 7th of September Steve. 

Thanks for the nice words everyone, over the moon. 👍

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Congrats mate, its the best job in the world, even though as i write this we’re on a watching brief at a factory fire from yesterday, im still loving it

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Congratulations @Karl. I failed at the assessment centre stage, but am currently filling in the last sections of the latest application for GMFRS. Hopefully join you in the future! 

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Nice to have met you today @Karl Enjoy the course and as I said to @George99 if you need anything, give us a shout. ;)

Always feels strange seeing someone join and then further down the line hearing them say "Morning Sir" 🤣

Keeping the traditions alive. :)

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