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Covid & Rider Positions


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Interesting topic that come up earlier on a phone call.  Apparently in Scotland (certainly the Eastern area) crews have been riding the same machines and same spots since Covid started to reduce the risk which has led some new recruits lacking experience on say the water rescue vehicle in this instance, also they had tried doing similar in control.

Just wondered if anyone else is doing this? Obviously you cannot in retained but wholetime you have more opportunity.  Not seen it posted anywhere else so how is it where you are?

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I can see why but if you have a crew of 8 on station you are going to be close so unless you split the crew in half on station physically I cannot see it working.  I know stations around here were split up in multi appliance stations but riding same positions.

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The control element of it is due to using fixed terminal computers and touch points etc. Makes a bit of sense, but suspect the impact is tiny. However the crewing aspect is stupid. Maybe same position for each block of shifts, but not endlessly 

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Clean ups that would please an RSM with us, two things in our favour single bunk rooms and 24 hr shifts, the last half hour is spend mopping and wiping touch surfaces including vehicle cabs and locker handles, on coming come in the back as off going go out the front door.

No o/t or shift swops.

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Just to clarify... in Scotland we are maintaining the same riding positions for a tour, if possible. Then the next tour we try to rotate personnel to ensure fairness, balance of skills etc. We are also being quite strict on social distancing & have to wear face coverings when on an appliance. 

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Seems a bit over the top, I’m on a single appliance with 8 on the watch so wouldn’t be possible anyway 

I’ve probably done 20/30+ out duties since Covid started so quite the opposite if anything .

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