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Scottish FRS - Conditional Offer


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Well done Steve, truly deserved and I for one am really pleased for you. :)

Look forward to the course and enjoy the career that awaits you. 

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Congratulations mate. I've read a few of your posts over the years since I've been a member. If you dont mind, when the situation arises, I will get some help/advice from you at somepoint down the line. Good luck for your course!

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Thank you all, still can’t quite believe it!


Yeah that will be no problem at all, feel free to contact me with any questions and i’ll do my best to help.

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Great news Steve. As usual I take my hat off to you and others who have hung on with so much determination. Not a bad quality in a Firefighter! As was, your creativity & flexibility in getting your eye test done in an unorthodox method 

Good luck 

One question: Are you a Geordie who is going to work in Scotland?? You may need to take a copy of this book or its gunna be carnage :) 


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Thanks for your message, it certainly has been a very long process for me but absolutely worth it to recieve the offer!

And yeah I am a geordie who will be working in Scotland😂 I’ve already had the start of the troubles understanding people at my medical, so it will be an interesting experience to see how I cope with that😂

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